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Karan Bir Singh is Attorney in the Law firm Japs Attorneys & Consultants since January 01, 2005 and is entrusted with Family law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Trade Mark and Copyright matters as well as also deals in efficient structuring for business ventures, commercial transaction, investment structuring, estate planning, and asset protection, intellectual property rights protection and preparing contracts for business clients. 

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WILL registeration

Will Registeration

It seems like you’re inquiring about the service of registering a will with the assistance of an advocate. Registering a will involves the formal recording of the document with the relevant government authority, typically the local registrar or sub-registrar office. Here’s how an advocate might assist in the will registration process:

1. **Legal Advice:**
– An advocate can provide legal advice on the requirements and implications of registering a will, including any specific rules or procedures that apply in the jurisdiction.

2. **Drafting the Will:**
– If the will has not been drafted yet, an advocate can assist in preparing a legally sound and comprehensive document that reflects the testator’s wishes.

3. **Verification of Identity and Capacity:**
– Before registering a will, authorities often require verification of the identity and mental capacity of the person making the will (the testator). An advocate can guide the testator through the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

4. **Preparation of Necessary Documents:**
– The advocate can assist in preparing all the required documents for the registration process, including the original will, identification documents, and any supporting affidavits.

5. **Submission to Registrar:**
– The advocate can submit the documents to the appropriate registrar’s office for registration. This includes completing any forms and paying the applicable fees.

6. **Verification by Authorities:**
– After submission, the registrar’s office will review the documents to ensure compliance with legal requirements. The advocate can liaise with the authorities to address any queries or requirements.

7. **Receipt of Registration Certificate:**
– Once the registration is complete, the advocate can ensure that the testator receives the registration certificate. This certificate serves as evidence of the will’s registration.

8. **Safekeeping of Documents:**
– The advocate may also provide advice on the safekeeping of the original will and related documents to prevent loss or damage.

9. **Assistance in Probate Process:**
– In the event of the testator’s death, the registered will may need to go through the probate process. An advocate can provide guidance on this legal procedure.

It’s important to consult with a local advocate who is familiar with the laws and procedures specific to your jurisdiction, as these can vary. Additionally, the decision to register a will may depend on local laws and the preferences of the testator.

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